Mazda MX-5 Listed In’s Top 10 Vehicles

“There are many stereotypes about what we as a community drive and to a certain extent, stereotypes are based on the most visible members of our community. The reality is that we live and work everywhere in the US and we are as diverse as the rest of the population.” 

These are the words given out by Joe LaMuraglia who is the founder of is a website that is very much dedicated to promote responsible consumerism. This website also tries to encourage every consumer in the market to patronize and use companies that are gay-friendly. After all, there are companies that discriminate such a group of people and these companies show off their dislike for gays through their advertisements, public announcements, and product endorsements. has just most recently listed out the vehicles that took the most interest among all gay and lesbian car aficionados, enthusiasts, and shoppers. This website sorted out all the searches and took out the ten topmost researched vehicles from the site. This kind of list actually just reflects what kind of products the gay and lesbian community is looking for in products in the market. 

The Mazda MX-5 from the Mazda Motor Corporation took a spot in such a list. This vehicle has been the most searched for various reasons and among which is that it can be easily maintained with auto parts like Mazda MX-6 parts and Mazda Navajo performance parts from various auto parts stores. Other vehicles included in the list include the Saturn Sky, Toyota Yaris, Dodge Caliber, Volkswagen Jetta, Toyota Camry, Audi A3, Toyota Prius, Saab 9-3, and the Pontiac G6. 

LaMuraglia even comments, “Gay consumers as a group are more loyal to companies that demonstrate fairness and equality to the gay and lesbian community.’s Top 10 vehicles are all from automakers that are gay friendly.”

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