Mazda 626, Mazda’s Family Car

After the Mazda 616 and the Mazda 618 and also before the Mazda Mazda6 came the Mazda 626. The former mentioned vehicles, the Mazda 616 and the Mazda 618, were the predecessors of the Mazda 626. Of course, this vehicle is the product of the Mazda Motor Company’s hard work and efforts. They have been able to build the Mazda 626 as a compact and midsize car. Its competition in the automobile market includes the Toyota Camry, the Honda Accord, the Nissan Stanza, and the Hyundai Sonata. 

The Mazda Motor Corporation targeted the Mazda 626 to be designed and marketed as a car that could be utilized by families. Also, they made the vehicle as a commodity that could be exported to other areas and regions. It was actually based on the Mazda Capella which was a vehicle that the company only sold in Japan. In 1979, the Mazda 626 replaced the spot that was the Mazda 616’s, Mazda 618’s, and the Mazda RX 2’s. Up until 2002, the Mazda 626 was in production. However, soon enough, the Mazda Mazda6 took over the family car market and the Mazda 626’s production was completely halted. 

If you travel to other parts of the globe, you would see that the Mazda 626 was sold under various names. In Asia, in Australasia, and in Southern Africa, this family car was known and marketed as the Ford Telstar. However, it only lived for a short while since the Ford Mondeo, which was sourced from Europe, came into these markets and took over the Ford Telstar. 

This vehicle is actually known one of the very first Japanese brand cars that were built in the United States. However, it was certified as a domestic car by the United States government after ten long years. In last years of the Mazda 626, it was built and restyled to have exterior upgrades and interior upgrades. These upgrades gave the Mazda 626 a sportier look and it also provided the vehicle a better performance and handling.

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